Hello Everyone ... Thanks for visiting our website. It has been 2 years (2020) since we have been using our website mainly because we have been focusing on what is ahead of us and letting go of what is behind us. Like everyone worldwide, the pandemic has affected the way we all do life and what we do now!

We want you to join us on our new and improved journey that offers both a future and a hope, not only, because of what we have been working on behind the scenes the last 2 years, but alo, because of the investments we have been making to build a stronger infrastructure designed to help people from all walks of life. It is our desire that there is something in it for everyone in every transaction. It is our desire that all shall prosper.

We are set up to work with people in every area of their journey, from students, to those in the workforce, to those already working in their profession, to those in the trades, real estate, sales agents, local business owners and so on.

~ Chris and Rowena Tutauha

To all our clients (local business owners, industry experts and professionals) whom we have served and worked with since 2004, we would like to thank you for using our services over the years.

Many of you hvae been informed that, due to the pandemic we have had to PIVOT all of our operations.

Some of our services no longer exist, others are on the "backburner" and we want to let everyone know about some really exciting opportunities, that we are working on.

Although we are reinventing ourselves the main thing still remains the main thing.

Our focus of "Bringing Together People From All Walks of Life" has gone to another level because of the improvements we have invested in the last 2 years.

Update: Behind the scenes we have been working hard on creating the launch of incredible opportunities that will change the trajectory of the lives of those who want more choices, more opportunitied, more time to spend with family and with more money to spend.

When we launch the opportunities we have been working on there will be something in it for people from all walks of life!!!

We will be offering people from all walks of life, from those who have just started a job, SME's, and those who are corporate business owners.