UNCONDITIONAL COMMITMENT: We are here to serve you. When it comes to success our passion is to see you succeed. In 2004 when we started, we were very green, had no idea if we would be still in business in 5 years because all we had to work with was:

  • a dream
  • a desire
  • passion and
  • unconditional commitment.

We started with ONE product, ONE way to tell others about product and a lot of hope and a never give up attitude.

At one stage things we looking so mediocre it did look like the was no rhyme or reason for the decisions I was making other than … eventually it will come down to one thing … “stay in your lane, make the necessary adjustments and ensure that you learn by your mistakes and never ever ever give up! Success breeds success and stay with your first love. Bringing together people from all walks of life.



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