We are currently booking appointments for a Rooftop Solar Power Company. It is a simple process. All we do is obtain the following details that we pass on to the one of the Business Development Manager.

  1. Contact Name and Number
  2. Address & Suburb
  3. Power Bill Account


We are currently booking appointments for a Digital Marketing Company that is looking for local business owners who are looking for ongoing clients to serve on a regular consistent basis. The process begins with an agreed fee to conduct a trial to test the viability of the service delivery. The fee is a one off payment and if both the prospective client and the Digital Marketing Company could see that what is determined looks viable a monthly fee is charged for a set period of time.

We are currently booking appointments for individuals, couples and groups who are wanting a innovative way of having a new home built for them.

Our system is a seamless process whereby we generate leads, qualify them before we present them to our House and Land Strategists.

We work with builders, property developers, architects and financial experts who take all the hoops new home buyers have to navigate in today’s economic environment.

They complete what we have started.



We are currently real estate lead generators. We work for home and property owners, just like you. What we do is work with a real estate agency that specialises in property appraisals, listings and sales.

Our lead generation strategies include door to door conversations meshed with the power of the internet, social media platforms, emails and telephone conversations. Our pay grade is first responder. The real estate agent does all the heavy lifting and that is good news for all home and property owners.


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